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Who we are

We are an independent data provider and consultant for all investors who are investing in investment funds. Our unique holdings-based approach forms the foundation upon which our services are built. It allows us to provide our clients with reliable and sustainable solutions that offer exclusive insights into the composition and structure of their investments. We value your time and resources by offering customized and efficient services that allow you to save money and focus on your core business. We believe that open and direct communication is the key to constant improvement and long-term success. Our team is committed to high ethical standards, such as sincerity, fairness and trust, in all our client relations. Finance-Doc has no conflicts of interest since it is completely owned by the management. We would be happy to meet you at our office in Zurich, so you can tell us what you need – together we will find the right solution.

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Our Mission

We aim to provide our clients with the best possible solutions in the market. Our business approach is to maximize the efficiency and reliability of our services and ultimately, to achieve superior transparency that offers a competitive advantage to our clients. We believe that the foundation of success lies in long-term relationships that are based on faith, trust and integrity. As a consequence, our team is committed to uphold the highest ethical standards at all times. Finance-Doc is also proud to be an equal opportunities employer.

Our Vision

Our aim is to be the leading provider of holdings based portfolio analysis and documentation. We consider portfolio transparency an integral part of fund portfolio construction and monitoring – both for investment and compliance purposes. We work hard to provide the best possible solutions and to achieve state-of-the-art data quality. That way we ensure that our clients are optimally prepared to face the challenges of the new regulatory environment. Complex decisions should be based on sound data – our team is happy to provide you with a customized solution.

Meet Our Management

Goran Madzar

Goran Madzar, CFA, studied at the University of Zurich Finance (lic. oec. publ.). He specialized in financial services and wrote his thesis about ”Multi–management approaches in institutional asset management”. Before joining Finance-Doc, he worked in the Fund Research Department of Julius Baer and has taken significant part in building up the holdings database. Additionally he worked on several projects for the development of fund analsing tools.

Philipp Langeheinecke

Philipp Langeheinecke, holds a diploma in National Economy from the the University of Cologne. He is a widely known financial specialist with extensive experience in the Fund industry. Before founding Finance-Doc, Philipp has been a long time board member of Julius Baer Investment Funds Services and previously Head of Fixed Income Management at a German fund company. He designed itself successful systems and processes in order to more accurately portray or optimize performance and portfolio risk of Funds and he is frequent speaker at investment conferences across Europe.

Urs Dreier

Urs Dreier, CFA, FRM, holds a master degree in business administration and economics (lic. rer. pol.) from the University of Basel. He is a financial market specialists with many years of professional experience in Switzerland and abroad. His experience includes security trading, asset management and investment research in senior positions such as Chief Investment Officer (CIO) for Bank Julius Baer. Urs Dreier is heading a university-based Executive Master program in Banking and Finance.